Rainy Day Activities

Summer is behind us and the nights are drawing in: Autumn is here. Gone are the days of BBQ’s, sunbathing and holidays. It’s not all grim weather and bad news though, Autumn is the perfect season to get cosy in. Big jumpers, lots of candles and snuggling up are all up for grabs during this time of year so it’s time to embrace it.

It is however no surprise that here in the UK a lot of rain is to be expected during the coming months so it’s good to have plans on what to do when the wet weather hits. Here are few of my ideas of what to do on a rainy Autumn day…


1. Cosy film day. Grab some blankets, light some candles and put all outdoor plans on hold. Spending a rainy day with friends/family/yourself and Netflix isn’t a bad way to go.

 2. Embrace the weather. ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing’ is a bit of a family mantra! Often my wet weather plan will be the same as my dry weather one except I’ll be wearing a raincoat.

3. Read with a cuppa. Curling up with a good book and a cup of tea while the rain falls against the windows is nothing short of perfection! (Autumn book club post coming soon…)

4. Create some art. Whether that’s art with words by writing a story (or a blog post!) or in the more traditional sense of painting and drawing, honing your creative skills or even giving it a go for the first time is a great thing to do on these gloomy days. The dramatic weather can often serve as a good muse too!

5. Find some free indoor activities. Look up any interesting local indoor activities. Do you have any museums near you? A nice garden centre?

6. Visit a new coffee shop. Whether it be for a seasonal latte or a classic hot chocolate, a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to hide away in a cafe drinking a nice warm beverage.


I hope these ideas have inspired you with some things you could do when the next rainy day hits, let me know in the comments if you have any wet weather go to’s.



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