A Trip to Denmark

The backyard castle

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here, a little post about what I got up to in Denmark! I booked this trip rather spontaneously for just after my birthday, I found some amazingly cheap flights and had family I could stay with over there which was ideal and so lovely to spend time with family members I don’t get to see as often.

I hopped off the plane at Copenhagen after a very early flight and was met by my Auntie Trine (technically she’s my Grandma’s Cousin but Aunt just seems easier). We headed over to Roskilde docks as Trine said it’s one of her favourite places to go and relax. So we sat on the dock edge with an ice cream each, watching the boats and the water and it really was so tranquil and lovely.

The view from Roskilde Docks

We then headed back to Trine’s gorgeous cottage in the woods that would be my home for the week. Surrounded by lush forest, Trine’s home was like something out of a fairytale, complete with her own bees for honey, chickens for eggs and vegetable plot full of organic delights, it was a very self-sustaining home. There was always fresh bread being baked and a log fire burning, who wouldn’t want to live here? A bit later we went for a walk to the huge castle that’s essentially in the cottage’s back garden, just to really complete the fairytale vibe!

Trine’s Cottage

Cottage details

We spent a lot of time throughout my stay looking at various historical spots around Lejre, which is the area of Denmark Trine lives in. It’s where the oldest Kings and Queens of Denmark first lived so there are lots of old settlement areas to go and walk around and the history is just fascinating. At one point, the story of Old Lejre got completely taken out of the history books as it was believed the local people were lying about it being the central hub of ancient Denmark just to get attention and tourism to the area. Years later though, loads of archaeological evidence was found to support Old Lejre and it was written back into history again.

Walking around Old Lejre

The next day we went into Copenhagen but I’m going to do a separate post about what we got up to in the city as it was such a busy, crazy, fun day and it would make this post ridiculously long.

During my final day, there were two more places to check off my list that I really wanted to see, the Hamlet Castle and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. My cousin Rebekka and her baby joined us for the day which was so nice!
First off, we headed to Kronborg Castle in Helsingør (anglicised it’s Elsinor) so I could live out my BA Acting degree dreams of being in the castle where Hamlet is set. It was so cool having studied Shakespeare pretty much all my life to be at the actual castle, it was very interesting to look round, there were secret tunnels that ran under the castle that you could walk through and that had to be a highlight.

A view across the water of Kronborg Castle

The Hamlet Castle up close

A tribute to Shakespeare

We then headed to the Louisiana Museum where they had their Man on the Moon exhibition showing. Space is something extremely interesting to me (my whole family in fact, have a lot of connections to space) so it was wonderful to look around the exhibition, at art inspired by space, incredible photos taken through telescopes and lots of historical items connecting to the Moon landing.

A view inside the Louisiana

A spacesuit in the exhibition

An incredible photograph

Sadly my leaving day then rolled around far too quickly. Myself and Trine ended as we begun, with an ice cream on Roskilde Docks and then off I went to catch my flight, but you best believe I’ll be back soon!


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