Cosy Self-Care Evening

Life can be so hectic, a lot of the time it feels like we’re constantly running around at 100 miles an hour trying to get everything done for work, family and various other commitments. Of course it’s great doing things for other people, but sometimes we need to just stop and breathe and consider how we’re doing. We all need a bit of time out to tend to ourselves every now and then, and I know that a pamper evening isn’t going to solve all our problems but it’s great way to fit in some personal time to just snuggle up and enjoy some TLC.

Here is my routine for a cosy self-care evening to really give yourself a treat. A restorative and relaxing evening is perfect for this time of year when you get home from work, feeling a bit burned out and to add to that it’s dark and cold outside, this will definitely make you feel better!

Candles– The first thing I do in order to relax is light some candles, I find the soft, flickering light so therapeutic! I like to pick one big candle that has a strong scent and then add lots of unscented tealights too for maximum atmosphere without a smell overload. At this time of year I’m loving scents along the lines of Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider.

Indulgent Bath with a Bath Bomb– Next up I’ll run myself a nice hot bath and have a long old soak. It’s not often I really have the time for a bath so a self-care evening is the perfect opportunity to treat myself to one. I’ll step things up by adding a bath bomb/ something of that nature such as bubble bath or a soak to really have a good time. I then sit back and usually watch a bit of Netflix while I chill.

Face Mask – Again, a face mask is something I rarely find time to do so it’s such a treat. There are so many types of masks out there in different scents and for every skin type, the choice is endless! I have quite sensitive skin so I have to be careful but at the moment I’m loving a Sanctuary Spa self heating charcoal mask I found in Boots.

Blankets, Pyjamas and Slippers – It’s time to put on all things comfy post bath. I love to take a few moments at this point, when I’m clothed in all my fluffiest gear, to appreciate the time I’m taking for myself and how lucky I am that I get this little luxury. A bit of self-reflection really helps to put a busy day into perspective.

Hot Chocolate – Hot chocolate is always a good idea and a great way to round up a cosy evening. A Sweet Freedom spiced orange choc shot in some warm soya milk and things can’t get much better.

I’ll usually then grab a book and read until I’m sleepy and that finishes up my self-care routine. By this point I usually feel so much more calm and peaceful, it’s amazing what just a little bit of ‘me time’ can do.

I hope this routine has inspired you to allow yourself some self-care time, we have to remember to look after ourselves in the midst of our hectic lifestyles. Let me know if you tried out this routine or if you have any relaxing evening rituals of your own!


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