A Morning in Blackwood Forest

One Winter’s morning, the family and I wrapped up in coats, hats and gloves and decided to go on a walk in Blackwood Forest. None of us had visited before (now we’ve been we’ll definitely be back!!) but it is such a gorgeous forest not far from Winchester, Hampshire. With a forest retreat cafe and several trails to follow, what more could you ask for on a sunny Winter’s day?

We set off on our amble, winding through the forest paths on the slightly frosted ground. Soon all you could hear was the crunch of wellies on frosty leaves and the birdsong surrounding you. With the sun streaming down through the trees and nature all around it was so peaceful and idyllic.

While walking you could spot the secluded retreat cabins behind the trees, I can only imagine how relaxing it would be to stay there! The whole place had such a wonderland feel; hidden away and surrounded by beautiful beech woodland, it would be bliss!

The whole morning at Blackwood felt like a perfect, tranquil escape from the business and stress of life that I often put on myself. It was an important reminder to relax, wander more, take in the sights and to enjoy every day.

If you fancy visiting Blackwood Forest yourself and want some practical info, click here to visit their website.



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