Life Update: I Bought A Camera

Now I’m not a photography pro and I would never claim to be, but something I wanted to do this year was to improve on my photo taking ability. My IPhone has served me well and certainly won’t be abandoned but I felt like a *proper* camera was probably a step in the right direction to improve on this skill.

So I took my post-Christmas money to Ebay and bought myself a camera (a little Fujifilm number). I didn’t spend a fortune and haven’t bought a brand spanking new model or anything but I’ve got myself one that I can learn on and will be perfect for what I need it for (which is amateur blog photography), I don’t plan on becoming the Queen’s new official photographer or anything (yet)…

I decided to go on a little walk and with no clue what I was really doing, I took some photos. They’re okay and it’s a start but this year I plan to get better and better. Hopefully this time next year I can look back and see the improvement (that’s the plan anyway).

Let me know if you have any photography/camera tips, I’m ready to learn and am very interested to hear what any avid photographers have to say!



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