Moving To London

Things have been quiet here on the blog and I can only apologise for that but I have good reasons… I’ve moved to London!

It’s been a wild past month as it’s all happened super fast but here I am, sat writing this from my new home in London city. I’ve wanted to live in London for as long as I can remember and it had always been in my life ‘plan’. My good old life plan that doesn’t always go quite to plan (so rude) but I’m super proud to have made a step in the direction I wanted and in what feels right! It feels good to be able to focus on acting in a city surrounded by film studios, beautiful locations and a pretty fantastic theatre scene. In the meantime I’m also working for the Science Museum as an Explainer (take that brother Matt and his astrophysics degree) which is set to be a pretty great job to be honest, I’m excited to start!

It’s scary leaving home as an adult and not as a student, there are no expectations or pre-laid path. I usually love a structure laid out before me but everything has been so spontaneous recently it’s been testing but has also caused me to grow and actually relax which is weird… Turns out you can’t always control everything around you, you’ve just got to work hard, stay true to yourself and let God take care of the rest.

So here I am, at the start of a scary, exciting new chapter. If any London pals want to do something please let me know, this city is big and friendship is so precious!

Let’s hope this new start brings joy, creativity and excitement in abundance, why think small right? 😉



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