A Bit About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Ellie In Real Life is a UK lifestyle and travel blog with bits of wellness, style and food thrown in the mix too so hopefully you’ll find something you like! It’s run by me, Ellie, a 23 year old living in London. I’ve only recently moved here from Hampshire so it’s quite the lifestyle change but I’m loving it. Prior to this I trained as an actress at university in Bournemouth and now balance acting and working as an Explainer at the Science Museum here in the big city.

I love writing about life and all that it entails, the good, the bad and everything in between with honesty and ‘real-ness’. I love to travel, whether that be a holiday abroad in the family campervan, a weekend away or a day trip somewhere local; I’ll be sure to blog about it! I’m vegan and love trying new plant-based products and foods as well as being quite the avid baker and cook. Style (of the sustainable kind) is also really of interest to me, I’m yet to delve totally into it in the blogging world but I’d love to give it a go.

I’ve been blogging since August 2014 which is pretty wild when you think about it! My blog has been through many makeovers in that time but roughly a year and a half ago I settled into Ellie In Real Life and really found my voice and niche. For me, my blog is my favourite hobby and is excitingly becoming more and more established in the blogging industry each and every day.

Did you know you can work with me?
How can I help you?
– By writing engaging sponsored content for brand campaigns
– By attending events and take part in press trips
– By writing reviews for products that are in line with my blogs content
– By sharing your company, product or campaign on my social media channels

For information on how to collaborate please contact me on ellie.selwood@hotmail.co.uk

I hope that’s introduced me slightly better. Feel free to drop me a message on any form of social media, I’m always up for a good natter!

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