Hello Spring

The clocks have gone forward, the smell of cut grass is in the air and I’ve had my first iced coffee of the year; it’s officially Spring!

I thought I ought to make this little post to say hello and to say sorry it’s been a while. Who knew moving and settling into London life would be so busy?? My time has really disappeared out from under me and this lovely, little blog has taken a bit of a back seat but no more! Balancing work and play has proved tricky but I think I’ve finally found the happy middle. What with the new season and all that, I feel inspired to get writing again and keep blogging regularly. This blog really is one of my favourite hobbies and makes me very happy so I’m going to prioritise Ellie In Real Life a bit more over the coming months.

So what can you expect this season on the blog? Well, I have many posts about London to write! From tips and tricks you learn living here to secret spots and places to visit, there’s going to be posts-a-plenty about this wonderful city! I’ve also been doing lots of cooking recently so have a few yummy vegan recipes to share… And of course the usual: life, travel, happiness and everything in between.

Let’s get going, get inspired and make Spring 2019 the best! (And thank you for your patience over the past couple of months but WE’RE BACK BABY).


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